#News 1.5.3, Windows Version:

File Size: 506 kb
File Type: exe
Download File

Note: The downloaded file is the program itself, just put it in a directory of your choice and run it. See Installing/uninstalling for more details.

.NET Framework 3.5:

#News is written in C#, so you will need to install the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 on your computer. Click here to download it if you don't have it already.

UnRAR and PAR2 Commands:

The new auto-unRAR feature needs three small helper commands. These programs are also freeware, and will be automatically downloaded by #News the first time you try to download a RAR archive, but you can also download them manually from here.

UnRAR command-line executable

UnRAR command-line freeware license

PAR2 command-line executable

PAR2 command-line freeware license

PAR2 command-line source code

Unzip command-line executable

Unzip command-line freeware license